Live Resin (Indica)

Live Resin (Indica)


MSRP: $45/gram


Compassion Concentrates Live Resin combines high-end flower with a solvent-based extraction process that uses butane. This produce is simply pure, pressed cannabis and is the ideal consistency for medical use. Testing at 70-80% THC, this product results in a nearly unparalleled experience and a potent high. Our Live Resin is derived from only fresh, uncured plants. The result is a product containing a full-flavored terpene profile, which is nearly unmatched by other extracts. You will taste the difference.

For those individuals looking for a great medical marijuana Indica option, our Compassion Concentrates Live Resin should be at the top of your list! This product is ideal for individuals who are fighting fatigue and can be beneficial to individuals looking to combat chronic pain, anxiety, stress, insomnia (just to name a few!) - plus it is perfect for users who love concentrates! Live Resin promises to clear your mind, body and soul. It is best used with an oil rig or vape pen, but it can also be dabbed using a joint or bong.


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