Full-Spectrum CBD Oil | 1,000mg

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil | 1,000mg


MSRP: $79.99 / bottle

Our CBD Tincture 1,000mg is comprised of 99% pure CBD derived from only the cleanest hemp sources. Each 30mg bottle contains 1,000mg of pure CBD oil. This product contains ZERO THC and has no harmful additives or chemicals. The CBD oil is mixed with a small amount of MCT (coconut) oil to assist with absorption. CBD provides a multitude of benefits including arthritis relief, pain management, mood balancing effects and a sense of calm - all without the ‘high’.

This product is suitable for daytime or evening use and can even be added into smoothies, coffees or lotions or can be taken orally under the tongue.

Suggested Dose: 1ml to 2ml per day. Shake well before use!

Dosage Details: 1 filled dropper contains 1ml (33mg) of CBD


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